We care about our local and global communities - stay home and stay safe!


Located in billings, MT

Everyone can draw a crooked line

Everyone can draw a crooked line

Everyone can draw a crooked lineEveryone can draw a crooked lineEveryone can draw a crooked line

Trying times

During these uncertain times, we here at Crooked Line Studio want you all to know that we aren't going anywhere.  We are testing our own creativity by looking for ways to keep art alive during this period of social distancing.  Some ideas include virtual classes, take-and-make projects, digital coloring pages and others.  Follow the link below to see what we've done so far, and keep checking in with us to see what we'll come up with next!

no rules - no mistakes - no judgement


Our classes

We offer a wide variety of fun art classes and painting events for the
first-time, aspiring and experienced artist taught by professionals.

All classes are facilitated with a no rules-no mistakes-no judgment philosophy.  At Crooked Line Studio, we have fun while practicing being in the moment, pushing through self imposed limits and quieting our fears about creating art.  Come explore and experiment with various forms of self expression.  Experience the pure joy of creating without the fear of failure. Bring any beverages/snacks of your choice to enjoy or share!  Click HERE to view our hours or touch base with us. 


Open art

Take a tour, sign up for classes, and work independently on your own art projects using materials you bring from home or supplies from the studio stash.  Enjoy free coffee and free WIFI!  Or simply hang out with other creative souls and get inspired.  Most Fridays from 9a-12p.


Retail to Re-tell

Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your project. If you are looking to recreate your class experience at home, most of our class materials are available for purchase.  Click HERE to view hours or inquire about a specific product.